La Pointe Rouge to Napan

Pointe Rouge -> St Fabien -> Val-Brillant  -> Dalhousie -> Napan

Again I’m a bit behind, so this will be a rather terse summary of the last few days.

Day 1. Woke to a strong tailwind again. Happy. Rode through some beautiful farmland with prominent hills and cliffs (some good climbing around here) in the background. Caught up with a roommate from Québec hostel, Jacques, we rode together to campsite in St Fabien. Begin to think I prefer riding alone. Feel responsible for other’s enjoyment and make different decisions than I would alone.

Day 2. Passed through Bic national park. Beautiful coastline, unfortunately the trail did not make the most of the views. Jacques was going slow (and was a little odd) so I rode ahead. Followed an excellent coastal path for many kilometers. Turned inland at Mont Jolie. Very hilly afternoon. A man offered me a lift as it looked rainy. I said no, obviously. Later on the same van stops in front of me and Jacques gets out. He took the lift. Camped by a lake. Nice to fall asleep to the sound of lapping waves.

Day 3. Had an awful night’s sleep! Not sure why. Made today’s cycling very hard. Caught up with Jacques again. It turns out the man had offered him more than just a lift! Don’t take lifts from strange men. Luckily Jacques was stopping so after a quick chat I carried on ahead again. Crawled into Campbellton, New Brunswick. Province number 7? Had been dreaming of a nice pub all day but could only find a crappy fast food restaurant that made McDonalds look like fine dining. Still ate there though. Followed road out of town hoping to find a quiet spot to camp, only to find back to back private properties. Ended up cycling another 30km to a campground in the next town! Meant I got a shower though.

Day 4. Woke early, about 6:15 after a much needed good night’s sleep. Decided to do a long day to avoid stopping in no mans land between towns. Made good progress and finished first 85km by 12:30. Had a footlong subway and an ice cream. Learning from past mistakes, took a long break before cycling again. Fairly dull afternoon along highways but arrived at the next town with time to get a burger from A&W before completing the last 20km to my campsite. Total of over 180km today. Longest day yet.




3 thoughts on “La Pointe Rouge to Napan

  1. Hi Sam. Wow. You’re definitely on the home straight now. With over 110 miles in one day you look like you’re racing towards the finish line. Where are you going to catch the ferry from? Dad.


  2. Great progress. You’re getting stronger the longer the trip goes on. Maybe you can get one of those pedal boats to pedal across the Atlantic?


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