Shediac to Charlottetown

This morning’s goal was to reach Confederation Bridge which would take me onto Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.), province number eight. With the wind at my back I flew along the coastal road and got my first view of the whole length of the impressive 13km bridge. I was making good time so decided to stop for a quick dip in the sea as I had been informed these were the warmest waters on the Canadian coast. Warm was stretching it a bit, but it certainly wasn’t cold. I only had a quick paddle.
Cyclists are not allowed on Confederation Bridge, luckily I arrived just as one of the free shuttle buses was about to leave. Once on P.E.I. I followed a bike trail that led all the way to Charlottetown. The trail followed an inland route missing the coastal scenery, but it was great to be off the roads, and it led all the way into the town, ending just two blocks from my hostel.
I spent the next day in the town doing my usual break day activities: washing, eating, skyping family, planning the next leg of my journey etc.


I was happy to be driven for a while 
The bike trail to Charlottetown


The hostel in Charlottetown

2 thoughts on “Shediac to Charlottetown

  1. I updated the map. It was tough to find Aberdeen, it must be quite small. I see there are a lot of very Scottish names in your vicinity: Inverness, Skye Mountain, Dunvegan (the original is on the Isle of Skye). I guess you’re in Nova Scotia, so it makes sense. 🙂


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