Charlottetown to Caribou

Just a short day today, about 65km. It is nice not having to get up early or rush, I’d like to do short days every day. I followed a quiet road away from the main highway to the ferry terminal where I would catch a boat back to the mainland. I arrived as a ferry was about to leave but decided to catch the next one and check out a nearby lighthouse. I am in the maritimes after all.

The ferry journey was only short, about an hour, and delivered me to province number nine, Nova Scotia. It was only a short ride to my campsite where I was very kindly offered a free night by the owner. The man in the adjacent site, Steve, talked to me about my journey and cycle touring he’d done around New Brunswick and P.E.I in his youth. He was born in England but moved to Canada with his family in the early 70s. I had to politely excuse myself after a while as I was starving and I got the impression Steve could have talked non-stop all night.



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