Caribou to Linwood

As I was packing up this morning Steve invited me over to his trailer for coffee. I spoke to him and his wife Marianne for a while and enjoyed playing with their beautiful pet huskie, Luken. Steve even made me bacon and eggs!

Reluctantly I had to make a move as  I had a relatively long day ahead of me. On Steve’s recommendation I took a road which more or less followed the highway but was smaller and had less traffic. However, it was windy and hilly making for a long day, especially as it was very hot today. In contrast to last night’s free camping I had to pay $33 at tonight’s site, for a small tent! And showers were extra. I bet no-one’s going to make me breakfast in the morning either.

The symbol of Canada. And a sure sign I should get a move on. 


I didn’t even get a discount!



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