Aberdeen to North Sydney

This morning was spent sheltering from rain. Rain which was forecast to stop at 12pm, then extended to 1pm then 3pm. In the end I just had to brave it or I’d not get anywhere. Of course it wasn’t as bad once I was out in it, it’s just hard to leave a warm, dry, comfy hostel.

I took a short chain ferry to access a road which would keep me off the main highway again. Even in the rain the scenery of islands and inlets was pretty. No pics unfortunately, it was a bit too wet and I wanted to get a move on.

It rained pretty consistently and the scenery became less interesting as the day went on. I spent the afternoon lost in my own thoughts while staring down at the shiny, wet road.

I arrived at North Sydney wet and exhausted. It wasn’t a long day but it was quite hilly. From here I’ll be taking a ferry to Newfoundland, the final province, final time zone and terminal destination of my entire journey. It is hard to believe I could be home in as little as two weeks! I’m ready. I’m tired.

However, I think Newfoundland could test everything I’ve learned over the past three months; it’s renowned for its inclement weather, rugged landscape and remote communities. At least navigation should be easy, a single road will take me all the way to St John’s, from where I will fly home.



9 thoughts on “Aberdeen to North Sydney

  1. Wow nearly there. Amazing! Google maps is rapidly running out of way points that can be added before it explodes. I think you’ll just make it to the end before that happens.

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  2. Hi Sam. I cant believe it either! All the planning and preparation and now the end is in sight. I’m not sure that your mum has got time to clear out your bedroom before you get back. Will a tent on the lawn be OK?

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    1. Planning and preparation? I suppose I did cycle round Stanley park a few times. Probably should have tried cycling with full bags, in hindsite.
      Tent on the lawn is fine. I’ve grown to quite like my little tent. A functional bathroom would be handy though.


  3. Your own functional bathroom,I’m still working on your Dad to get moving on with it.Shared not a problem.Your room will look pristine when I can get in it.Looking forward to seeing you back.😊Enjoy your last leg of the journey.


  4. Hi Sam. Well this is it, the final days of your epic journey, can’t quite believe you have actually cycled right across Canada, an amazing achievement. Savoury the last few days, as camping in your back garden will not be quite the same as the wilds of Canada, at least they will be no bears prowling about, I guess your Mum will be pleased about that. Anyway good luck with the last few days pushing those pedals round and have a safe flight home. Take care and hope to see you soon.


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