Channel-Port aux Basques to St John’s

Channel-Port aux Basques -> Barachois Pond Provincial Park -> Corner Brook -> Burnt Berry Resort -> Bishops Falls -> Malady Head -> Adeytown -> Gushue’s Pond Park -> St John’s

Well, I did it. I arrived at my final destination, St John’s, on a very wet and windy 8th September, three months and two days after setting off from Prince Rupert.

As expected, Newfoundland was one of the greatest challenges I have faced. It has been wet, extremely windy (in every direction), foggy, hilly and remote. I’m a little ashamed to say this final leg has felt a little like a box ticking exercise, to say I have crossed all the Canadian provinces. With little option to take alternative routes I have followed the main highway across the island, missing out on the spectacular scenery and unique settlements along the way. One day I would like to return here to enjoy the island without the pressure of having a transcontinental bike ride to complete. And maybe with a car.

I could at this point throw in some hackneyed phrases about completing the greatest physical and mental challenge of my life, but right now I’m just happy to be finished. Three months and over 7,000km of (mostly) solo cycling has taken its toll. I think once I have had time to reflect and let it really sink in what I’ve achieved I’ll have some more positive things to say. Maybe I’ll write another post once I’ve been home for a while.

I can’t help but think the whole experience will very quickly become a distant and slightly surreal memory. And I’ll strain to remember how it felt to watch whales along the beautiful B.C. coast, cycle by bears without surprise or ceremony, wake to wolf tracks in my campsite, pass through the stunning glaciated peaks of the Rockies, and swim in the ice cold, bright blue rivers that are fed by them. I’m certain time will also fade the sensation of despair from battling with soul crushing winds, alone. I’ll wonder why I ever felt the need to scream out loud at thin air, how a little breeze reduced me to a teary mess sulking at the side of a highway.

One thing is for certain, it has been an adventure. And though the memories may become cloudy and distorted, no doubt I’ll look back fondly at that summer I spent cycling through the second largest country in the world, across a whole continent.

Arriving at Port aux Basques on the ferry


Moody skies are common here


Blue sky!


Campsite in Terra Nova National Park
I luckily came across this perfect beach to camp on after a particularly tough day’s riding.


Tree bending headwinds. I was not happy this day.


The trump card of comedy place names.
The beautiful isle of Newfoundland


I presume the colourful buildings are to negate the effect of the persistently grey weather.

9 thoughts on “Channel-Port aux Basques to St John’s

  1. Hi Sam. Brilliant and very well done! We can hardly believe that this will be your last blog on this epic journey. It seems so long ago now that you first broached the idea that we can’t believe you’ve finally reached your intended destination. To say that we are proud of what you’ve achieved is an understatement. To complete a 7000 Km bike ride in often difficult conditions is even more amazing to us when we think that you didn’t even have a bike when you first thought of the idea. Its an incredible achievement and we can’t wait to see you on Friday when you land back in the UK. Enjoy your last few days in Newfoundland. Mum and Dad.


  2. Hi Sam – Many congratulations on finishing your epic ride. I thought you were going to go back again, with the wind this time, but I guess one way is enough šŸ™‚
    I did a final update of ‘the Route’
    I will miss learning about all the little and some big places along the way.
    You hit the maximum number of way points allowed in a Google Map so unfortunately I had to omit one of your final steps so ‘Barachois Point Provincial Park’ drew the short straw, partly because it is lot to type and also because it was showing that place was back on the mainland! Have a great time that remains in Newfoundland and have a great trip back to England.
    Cheers, Craig

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  3. Hi Sam, congrats on your monster achievement, simply outstanding. Looking forward to catching up with you when you get home. Sue and I are going to miss your blog, it’s kept us entertained over the last few months. Have a safe journey home.

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  4. Hi Sam, I am a friend of a friend, and a Canadian living in England, and I really appreciated reading your blog. It was a little trip down memory lane for me, though I’m glad you are the one taking the actual physical trip. Well done, all the best!


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